Drastically reduce your cart abandonment rate and increase your AOV with surgical precision actions !

Boost your sales and increase carts volume

Maximize value for each order

The Basket offers Cross Sell / Up Sell features that allow you to suggest complementary products or upgrades to your customers. Increase the value of each order by encouraging additional sales and promoting the purchase of premium products.

Use promo codes to boost conversions

With the Basket's Promo Code feature, you can offer discounts and special deals to your customers. Attract new customers, retain existing ones, and boost conversions by using attractive and enticing promo codes.

Don't lose abandoned carts

With the Basket's Cart Recovery feature, you can recover abandoned carts and encourage visitors to complete their purchases. Send personalized reminders, offer incentives, and streamline the checkout process to maximize your conversion opportunities

Our three essentials

Dynamic promo code

Display a promo code whose intensity varies depending on several criteria such as: the cart amount, the category, or a specific item added to the cart.

Traffic source: offer a promo box only for visitors coming from a Social Ads campaign.

Complementary products

Offer complementary or premium products to your customers to increase the value of each order. Encourage additional sales and maximize your revenue with this powerful feature.

Email remarketing

Recover abandoned carts and encourage visitors to complete their purchases using the email remarketing feature. Send personalized reminders and streamline the checkout process to optimize your conversions.


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