Save time and
boost your conversions!

At Perfmaker, we free up the time of your marketing, product, e-commerce and communications teams with exclusive technology, unique support and tailor-made experiences.

Exclusive technology

The all-in-one platform for personalizing and optimizing the customer experience. Designed to boost conversions and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Outstanding scenarios

We create personalized onsite experiences for you with our cutting-edge, precise technology.

Precise UX-friendly targeting

We design user experiences specifically optimized to boost conversions and increase the effectiveness of your marketing actions.


Real-time performance tracking, AB testing, sampling: the native integration of all data means you can constantly monitor the relevance of your scenarios and optimize your marketing strategies.


Our technology is 100% French, GDPR-compliant, and all data is securely hosted in Europe.


Our solution can be fully integrated with your existing systems, facilitating smooth implementation and effortless management.

Unique support

We rely on a methodical approach based on in-depth analysis, customized strategies and continuous iteration to improve your website’s performance.

A dedicated


We are dedicated to your success. Our team of experts will be by your side you every step of the way, from initial implementation to ongoing optimization, to help you make the most of our CRO solution.

Constant innovation

6 years of innovation and value creation for over 500 customers. Hundreds of personalization scenarios developed, tested and catalogued to stimulate navigation on your website.

CRO experts

Benefit from personalized support from our dedicated CRO experts, ready to guide you in setting up high-performance campaigns, analyzing results and continuously optimizing your conversion optimization strategy.

Solution oriented

Perfmaker is all about a solution-oriented approach, where we do our utmost to respond in a targeted and effective way to the unique needs of each company. With our comprehensive suite of CRO tools, we offer you customized solutions to improve your conversions and achieve your marketing goals.

"At Perfmaker, our vision is to transform the user experience into an extraordinary one."

Your Security, Our Commitment


The security of your data is our top priority.

Trust our technology, where the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of your data are at the heart of everything we do.

Data Protection

As we greatly value the importance of privacy and data protection,

We have put in place rigorous policies and procedures to ensure transparency, integrity and legality in the processing of your data, providing you with a secure experience that complies with European standards (GDPR).