Guide the user along their journey and provide a personalized visit experience based on their landing page: Home Page, Product, Blog, Landing Page…

Accompany your visitors and enhance their journey

Seamless user experience

Offer your visitors an intuitive and seamless browsing experience with advanced features from the Browse solution. Clearly and easily guide them through your website, allowing them to quickly find the informations and products they're looking for.

Customer journey personalization

Utilize your visitors' browsing history to personalize their experience on your site. Offer relevant recommendations and tailored content based on their preferences, helping them discover new products and deepen their engagement.

Maximizing conversion opportunities

With the 'Welcome Back' effect and other features of the Browse solution, you can maximize the conversion chances of your visitors. By reminding them of their browsing history, facilitating the continuation of their journey, and offering an engaging experience, you encourage their engagement and loyalty.

Our three essentials

Guide module

Intuitively guide your visitors through your site with a navigation module designed to facilitate their exploration. Offer them a smooth and enjoyable experience, thereby increasing their engagement and conversion opportunities.

Navigation history

Harvest your visitors’ browsing history to personalize their experience on your site. Offer targeted recommendations, special offers, and relevant content based on their interests and previous actions.

Welcome Back

Make your visitors feel welcomed and valued by offering a ‘Welcome Back’ effect when they return to your site. Reminding them of their browsing history, selections, and facilitating the continuation of their journey increases their engagement and conversion chances.


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